Medicine Aluminum Foil Technical Specifications

  1. Thickness: 0.02-0.3mm
  2. Width: 250-1280mm
  3. Material (alloy): 8011, 8021
  4. Temper:H18,O

Specifications pharmaceutical aluminum foil for medicine

pharmaceutical aluminum foil for medicine

Inner hole diameter 76mm, length/roll:1000m (according to different requirement).one side is for sealing with pvc or pvc/pvdc film and other side is for side is bright and other side is dull.Inner hole diameter 76mm, length/roll:1000m (according to different requirement).

Medicine Aluminum Foil Functions:

High obstruction, Heat insulation, Air tightness, Printable, Breakable in slightly.

Medicine Aluminum Foil Applications:

it can be applied to blister packing for torches, pills, suppositories and mini-foods/candies, chocolate, chutty and so on.

Blister Foil(cold forming)

  1. To be laminated, used for alu alu foil.
  2. Alloy: 8021
  3. Temper:O
  4. Gauge:0.045mm-0.075mm
  5. Width:200mm-1100mm
  6. Surface Finishing: one side bright, one side matte.

Blister Foil(PTP Packaging)

  1. To be lacquered, used for PTP packaging
  2. Alloy:8011
  3. Temper:H18
  4. Gauge:0.02mm-0.03mm
  5. Width:200mm-1100mm
  6. Surface Finishing: one side bright, one side matte.

Pharmaceutical aluminium foil (blister foil)

One side is coated HSL for heat sealing with PVC/PVDC for packing tablets,capsules,etc.The other side is printed or coated primer for printing.