Aluminium Sheet/Plate Features:

Good processing performance ,malleability and plasticity .


Always used in oil tank, mould ,instruments,lamps,rivet,refrigeration equipment ,cryogenic equipment ,drilling equipment , deck,marine dacilities, etc.

3000 series of aluminum alloys are always called aluminum-manganese alloy and can be used in kitchen utensils, chemical products and food processing and storage facilities, transport tank for liquid, all kinds of pressure and piping, roofing sheet .

3004 is often used as cans body, high strength spare parts , thin plate ,construction , building tools and a variety of lamp parts .

3105 alloy can be used in room dividers, gutters and downspouts, sheet metal forming and processing parts, caps, corks .

5005 aluminum is a medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance . Used as conductor ,cookers , dashboard and decorative .

5052 aluminum alloy has a good forming workability , corrosion resistance , candle , fatigue strength and medium static intensity ,and can used to make airplane fuel tanks ,tubing , transport vehicles ,ships ,instrumentation, street bracket with rivets .

5083 and 5086 aluminum alloy are similar ,always used to which needs a high corrosion resistance ,good weldability and a medium intensity situation ,such as the naval vessel , automobile and airplane Board Weldment ; strict fire-resistant pressure vessels , refrigeration equipment , Tower ,drilling equipment , transport equipment ,missile components and the deck . Marine, Hot Selling,tank body, Shipbuilding,Motor Industry.We have DNV CERTIFICATE for 5083 H116/H321 marine grade aluminum sheet, It is the first private factory who get this certification in china and factory price ,very competitive .

5182 aluminum alloy has more magnesium than other alloys , mainly used in making ring-tab and cap of cans .

5454 and 5754 aluminum alloy can be used for welded structures , tank body,pressure vessels , sea facility pipeline and oil-tank . They are a good way to serve light-weight automobile .


  1. A1050 , 1060 1100
  2. 3003/ 3004/ 3005/ 3104/ 3105/
  3. 5005/ 5052/5754/ 5083/ 5454 /
  4. 6061 6082
  5. 7071 7075,
  6. 8011


  1. O/H111 H112 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/H26/H36 H18/H28/H38/H114

2) H321, H116 ,
3) T4,T6  T651






Mill Finish/Bright Finish


Cold rolled(CC)/
Hot rolled(DC)


Bright , Mill finish,Color  Coating, PE & PVC Coated